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How To Play Syndicates

PlayLottoWorld Lottery Syndicates

Forming your own Lottery Syndicate is one of the best and most exciting ways of increasing your winning odds. At PLAYLOTTOWORLD you can create syndicates with family, friends, work buddies, and even other customers on our site.

How it Works

Step 1:

Open an account and ensure you have loaded sufficient funds. There are a range of payment options to choose from, so select the one you are the most confident about.

Step 2:

Choose the syndicate you want to join. Play Zone will indicate the number of shares on offer and how many tickets per draw. Purchase as many shares you want, then click on the submit button. PLAYLOTTOWORLD acts as the syndicate manager and is responsible for the notification and management of the syndication tickets. All you have to do is click on the lottery of your choice. If all shares are sold PLAYLOTTOWORLD purchases the next set of tickets for that lottery with the same amount of shares (with different ticket numbers) so you will never run out of shares for that lottery draw.



Step 3:

You will receive an email giving you details regarding your draw numbers, shares and total spent. This information is also available in the Member’s Area, under “Active Tickets.”

Step 4:

After the draw you will get an “after-mailer”, publishing ticket numbers, matched numbers and pay-outs. If you have won, the pay-outs will be credited to your account once the information has been cross verified.