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Latest UK National Lotto Results Winning Number

Bought a ticket and worried about the results? Quit worrying! serves its customers the best. Play Lotto World keeps the players informed about their purchases and also lets them know about UK National lottery results and jackpots. Choose from a selection that comprises of six main numbers each between 1and 49 and one Bonus Ball. Bonus Ball is useful to players having five out of six main numbers matching the winning numbers. The UK National Lotto draw takes place on every Wednesday and Saturday night. By effortless registration, you can stay updated about cash prizes, promotions and offers.

Draw Results
  • UK National
  • Play UK National
  • £ 5 300 000
    11 13 15 23 34 39 9

  • Days : Hours : Mins : Sec
  • MegaMillions
    $ 355,000,000
  • Jackpot
    No Winner
    No Winner
    No Winner
  • 2 Prize
  • 3 Prize
  • 4 Prize
  • 5 Prize
  • 6 Prize
  • Check Your UK National Lotto Results?

     The UK National Lottery has registered impressive jackpot results and other secondary category prizes. And there is no tax obligation! The odds of taking home a prizes pretty good. The odds have marked an excellent beginning at 1 in every 54. UK Lotto also does a lot of charity and gives back to the society. This lottery is one of a kind! It has been supporting over 800 charity organisations for good causes.

    Do you want to win UK Lotto? All you need to do is sign up your account and buy a ticket. If the six numbers in your ticket matches the 6 winning numbers, you take home the huge jackpot prize. The six numbers ranges between 1 and 49. You can also win exciting prizes by playing a bonus number. There are six prize categories including the jackpot. In order to win a prize, you just need to match at least three numbers. Thus lottery game of UK Lotto gives players a marvellous chance to win whooping £20,000. A raffle is taken place after every draw. Special draws like Super Draw lottery are also held. These draws offer a minimum jackpot prize worth £10 million.

  • Get UK National Lotto Results on the go

    Travelling abroad? Out on a getaway? Wondering what the winning numbers for UK National Lotto are? Now you can easily access the results even on the go. With the continuous service, we provide our users with utmost satisfaction. Get notified for FREE! All you need to do is sign up with Get alerts and emails about the winnings and jackpot prizes. With the help of our app, you can easily stay updated with the results and other events of the lotteries. Check the past UK Lotto past winning numbers from the day the game was first played.

  • Lotto UK Big Winners

    In 1995 UK Lotto registered its biggest win worth £22, 590, 829. The ticket was shared by Paul Maddison and Mark Gardiner, two friends and ecstatic winners. The following year a huge jackpot worth £42,008,610 was drawn. The jackpot was shared between three ticket holders.

  • The Hot & Cold UK Lotto numbers

    Would you not want to know which numbers you must select for your ticket? Play Lotto World lets you know the numbers that were most used in a given year. Also, the site gives you information on the numbers that were least used. Hot numbers or the numbers that were drawn the most in the year 2013 were 45, 36, 38, 3, 21, 27, 29, 31, 44, 48, 49, and 56. Cold numbers or the numbers that made least appearance in lucky draws for the year 2013 were 9, 10, 14, 8, 11, 12, 15, 18, 34, and 53.