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National Lottery is an oldest and secure way to become millionaires in few minutes. We have latest technology platform to played worlds largest lottery games.

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  • £ 2 500 000
    5 12 21 26 33 45 35

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     The UK National Lottery boasts huge jackpots and very impressive lower category prizes with no tax obligation. The odds of winning a prize at this game, also known as Lotto UK, are excellent beginning at 1 in 54. Lotto UK also does its part to give back to the community by supporting more that 800 charity organisations and good causes.

    Players need to match six main numbers ranging from 1-49 in order to win the UK Lotto jackpot. A Bonus Ball is also drawn from the same batch to increase you winning odds. There are five prize categories and all you need to do is match three numbers to win a prize. Lotto UK also gives players a chance to win £20,000 in a raffle held with every draw. There are also special draws such as the SuperDraw lottery which offers a jackpot prize starting at £10 million.           

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    Get free notifications for Lotto UK results after every draw via email by signing up with You can also view the Lotto UK results for several past draws online or on our mobile app which gives you lottery results as they happen. View the winning Lotto UK numbers online or on the go!           

  • Lotto UK Bigger and Better results

    Lotto UK jackpots are now bigger and better than ever before. Since October 2013, the draws taking place on Wednesday and Saturday nights have been modified to create bigger wins. The jackpots are larger and a raffle has been introduced with 50-250 winning codes in each draw guaranteed. Each raffle winner gets £20 000. Raflle draws rollover from 50 winners, adding 50 each time until the 250 winner cap is reached.            

  • Lotto UK Big Winners 

    In 1995 UK Lotto had its biggest single ticket winner when two gentlemen who shared a ticket won £22 590 829. The two friends, Paul Maddison and Mark Gardiner were ecstatic winners. The following year UK Lotto celebrated its largest win to date. A huge jackpot of £42,008,610 was won by three lucky ticket holders after several rollovers. The UK National Lottery is making millionaires all over the world now that you can play online at, you could next!          

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