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Latest Turkey 6/49 Lotto Results Winning Numbers

Playing Turkey 6/49 Lotto is both fun and exhilarating. People get excited soon after they buy a lottery ticket and play their numbers. If you are a resident of Turkey, you can see the live TV telecast to view the results. But what if you missed the telecast or what you live elsewhere? Waiting for the results can be an adrenaline rush for many! You can view the winning numbers and jackpots easily without waiting long. Soon after the Turkey 6/49 Lotto draw takes place on a Saturday night, you can access the results on

Draw Results
  • Turkey 6/49
  • Play Turkey 6/49
  • 1 32 60 62 63 74 20
  • Powerball
    $ 472,000,000
  • Check Your Turkey 6/49 Lotto Results

    The popular Turkey Lotto 6/49 lottery game is also known as the Sayisal (or Numerical) Lotto. The Turkey Lotto 6/49 offers exciting jackpots. The odds of winning amazing prices are alluring. The game started in the year 1996. The largest jackpot registered by the lottery ever since its inception is TRY 6.5 million ($3.6 million). The humungous jackpot was won by a lucky couple in the year 2009.

    In order to win the jackpot, the player needs to select 6 numbers from a guess pool ranging 1 and 49. The player can play an 8 line ticket. The player can choose the numbers manually or even use the Quick Pick option. The Quick Pick option lets the machine to generate random numbers. The draw takes place every week on Saturdays at 18:30 GMT.
  • Get Free Turkey 6/49 Lotto Results On The Move

    Get news on Turkey 6/49 Lotto latest winning numbers without any hassles anytime, anywhere. With easy registration, you can get notified about the Turkey 6/49 Lotto winning numbers for free. You can also see past Turkey 6/49 Lotto winning numbers, latest Turkey 6/49 Lotto results, latest jackpot prize won, and other updates with the flick of your finger. Play Lotto World is a trustworthy site that helps you see Turkey 6/49 Lotto results for several years from the time the game was first played.
  • The New Turkey 6/49 Lotto Bigger and Better

    The Turkey 6/49 Lotto jackpot starts at an amazing TRY 1.2 million. The prize can roll over up to three times. If the jackpot is won by none even after three roll over, the amount gets distributed to the other three prize divisions. This unique game is an advantageous game for the players as they get to win brilliant secondary division prizes. The winnings are tax free and the winners get the cash through one-time payment.

  • The Hot & Cold Turkey 6/49 Lotto Numbers

    Would you not want to know which numbers you must choose in order to improve your winning chances? Play Lotto World helps you in choosing the best numbers. Apart from system generated Quick Pick numbers, it also provides its customers with information on most and least appearing numbers in a given span of time. Hot numbers are the numbers that were drawn. Cold numbers are the numbers that made least appearances.