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Check your Sweden-Viking Lotto Winning Numbers

With you can check Sweden-Viking Lotto winning numbers and jackpots soon after the draw has taken place. Sweden-Viking Lotto is one of the most popular lottery games. People from all around the world enjoy the lottery game. You must be wondering how! With the help of you can also buy tickets and play your lucky numbers. The Sweden-Viking Lotto draw takes place every week on Wednesday. Try your luck and become a millionaire.

Draw Results
  • Sweden-Viking Lotto
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  • 13 18 23 26 30 34 35 9 15 17 28
  • Powerball
    $ 472,000,000
  • Check Your Sweden-Viking Lotto Results

    The popular lottery game of Sweden-Viking Lotto started in 1993. The game offers exciting jackpots. The odds of winning amazing prices are alluring. In order to win the jackpot, the player needs to select 6 numbers from a guess pool ranging 1 and 48. Additional two Lucky numbers are also to be chosen from the same guess pool ranging between 1 and 48. This number helps win secondary category prizes.

    The player can select a 5 or 10 line ticket. The player can choose the numbers manually or even use the Quick Pick option. The Quick Pick option lets the machine to generate random numbers. The draw takes place every week on Wednesdays in Norway at 19:30 GMT.
  • Get Free Sweden-Viking Lotto Results On The Move

    What were the past Sweden-Viking Lotto winning numbers? Which number won the last jackpot this year? Get answers to all these questions through Play Lotto World that allows you to see Sweden-Viking Lotto past results for several years without any hassles. At the drop of a hat, view the winning combinations online that can help you win prizes. Check the latest Sweden-Viking Lotto results while you are on the go.
  • The New Sweden-Viking Lotto- Bigger and Better

    The Sweden-Viking Lotto jackpot ranges between € 480,000 and €2.4 million. This game offers a winning odd of 1 in 54 for the players. The jackpots have generous roll over rule. In 2010, Sweden-Viking Lotto registered its largest jackpot win worth € 15 Million. The winners get the prize in lump-sum. He has one year to claim the prize if it is below €20,000. He must claim the prize within 3 months if it is above €20,000.
  • The Hot & Cold Sweden-Viking Lotto Numbers

    Play Lotto World lets you know the numbers that were most drawn in a given year. Also, the site gives you information on the numbers that were least drawn. Hot numbers are the numbers that were drawn the most in a given year. Cold numbers are the numbers that made least appearance in any given year. You can customise the date range as per you needs to see the list of hot and cold numbers.