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Latest Ontario 49 Lotto Results Winning Number

It can turn out be an addictive hobby if you start playing the popular lottery game of Ontario 49 Lotto. With draws being held every Wednesday and Saturday, your chances of winning prizes double automatically. Play a game now. Buy tickets from Check the results soon after the draw has taken place and know whether your stars are shining or not! View Ontario 49 Lotto results and winning Ontario 49 Lotto numbers in

Draw Results
  • Ontario 49
  • Play Ontario 49
  • 1 5 8 14 15 48 37
  • Eurojackpot
    € 47,000,000
  • Play & Check Ontario 49 Lotto Results

    The Ontario 49 Lotto is a popular game played in Canada. The winnings are tax free and jackpot prizes are jaw-dropping. The game offers good winning odds. The game was first played in 1997. The lottery game offers 7 prize categories. The Ontario 49 Lotto employs a 6/49 main numbers and a 1/49 Bonus number double matrix. In order to win the jackpot, the player needs to choose 6 numbers from a guess pool ranging between 1 and 49. The Bonus number is chosen from the same guess pool ranging between 1 and 49. It does not contribute to the winning of jackpot. It helps to win 2nd division prize worth CAD$50,000.

    The player can play a 6 or 10 line ticket. You can choose the numbers manually or opt for Quick Pick option. The Ontario 49 Lotto draw is held every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:00 EST (GMT-5).

  • Access Ontario 49 Lotto Winning Numbers Free On The Move

    Check the past Ontario 49 Lotto past winning numbers from the day the game was first played in With effortless registration you can also get notified for free on lottery alerts, lottery updates and lottery results. In home or at work, serves you wherever you are. Irrespective of location, you can get continuous access to the site for all your lottery related queries.
  • The Hot & Cold Numbers in Ontario 49 Lotto

    It is fun to play lottery. But it is even better if you knew you have good chances of winning. This can be done by choosing numbers wisely. Statistically proven hot numbers are drawn more in a given set of draws whereas cold numbers are least appearing numbers in the same set. You can customise the duration and check for yourself how many numbers make to the hot list. You can choose these hot numbers or similar numbers so as to win big. Check Ontario 49 Lotto results online and stay updated with the winning numbers.

  • Ontario 49 Lotto constant jackpot prize

    Ontario 49 Lotto offers a constant jackpot prize worth CAD $2 million. The prize gets divided in case there is more than one winner for first prize. The starting winning odds for the lottery game are good. The winning odds start from 1:6.6. The prizes are tax-free and can be claimed within a year from the date of draw.