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Latest Ireland Lotto Winning Number

The popular Ireland Lotto results are declared every week on Wednesday and Saturday nights. You can check the Past & Latest Ireland Lotto winning numbers in the site. In order to buy tickets and access results you can sign up for an account in With this popular lottery site, you can access news, updates, alerts, and lottery notifications even when out with your friends. The jackpot starts at €2 million. Anyone can indulge in the addictive game of Ireland Lotto online today! Buy a ticket now. Select the numbers manually or employ the Quick pick option.

Draw Results
  • Ireland Lotto
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  • 1 14 22 28 37 45 25
  • Eurojackpot
    € 47,000,000
  • How to Play Ireland Lotto

    The Ireland Lotto was first played in 1988. The minimum jackpot prize offered by the lottery is €2 million. The Ireland lotto employs a 6/45 main numbers and 1/45 bonus number single matrix. The bonus ball is also drawn from the same drum. If you want to win the jackpot you need to play 6 numbers from a guess pool ranging between 1 and 45. The bonus ball does not contribute to the jackpot wins. The bonus ball helps the player to win 6 secondary prizes.

    You can choose the numbers manually or select the Quick pick option. The draw takes place every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 19:00 GMT.

  • Access Ireland Lotto Winning Numbers On The Move

    You can check the winning numbers for Ireland Lotto even when you are travelling or out on a getaway. is a popular lottery site that can be accessed via computer, laptop or smartphones. Now you can easily access the results even on the go. Get free and continued support from the lottery site. With you will never miss out on Ireland Lotto past winning numbers, Ireland Lotto latest winning numbers winnings and jackpot prizes.

  • Ireland Lotto- The Next Big Thing

    Ireland Lotto is getting bigger day by day. It is growing at an exponential pace. What a game! Fans and players keep looking for more. Ireland Lotto not only gives huge payouts but also works for social causes. It donates 32 cents of every Euro that the lottery earns. Ireland Lotto donated €243.7 million in 2010 to many non-profit organizations. The beneficiaries include Irish Hockey, Environmental and Educational organizations, MS Society of Ireland, Tourism and arts council, and several other projects that promote health and benefit children.

  • The Hot & Cold Numbers in Ireland Lotto

    The most frequently drawn numbers are referred to as the hot numbers. Cold numbers are the ones that are least appearing numbers in the draw. Would you no want to know which hot numbers to choose and which cold numbers to avoid? You can do so by checking the Ireland Lotto results online. Stay updated with the most desirable and the least desirable numbers using the site.
  • Ireland Lotto Record-Breaking Prizes

    In 1996, €9,505,290 was registered to be the biggest jackpot and it remained the best for over 10 years. In 2008, a prize worth €18,963,441 was drawn and registered as the biggest jackpot. It was won by a syndicate of 16 workers working at a concrete factory. In 2010, a single player won €16,717,717 jackpot prize. Other notable wins have been €16,390,239 prize won in 2010. All Ireland Lotto jackpots are distributed in lump sum and are tax-free.