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Have you bought a French Lottery ticket? Are you wishing to become the next millionaire? The amazing game of French Lotto offers ten jaw-dropping prizes for its players. Check your French Lotto results right away. You never know, you may be the next winner! Play Lotto World keeps the players informed about their French Lotto tickets purchases, any new updates or alerts and also lets them know about the latest & past French Lottery winning numbers and jackpots!

Draw Results
  • French Loto
  • Play French Loto
  • € 6 000 000
    2 5 6 14 37 1

  • Days : Hours : Mins : Sec
  • MegaMillions
    $ 355,000,000
  • French Lotto Winning Numbers

    In order to win the enormous French Lotto jackpot, your ticket needs to match the magical lottery winning numbers. The first five numbers are drawn from the first drum where the guess range is 1-49. The second additional number gets drawn from a separate identical drum with a guess range of 1-10. Did not you win the jackpot? Don't be disappointed. You can still win the other generous prizes offered by France Lottery. The odds of winning these prizes are 1 in 16. Want more? French Lotto winnings are tax free!

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    Do you want to get real-time updates? If yes, download our app for your Android or for your iPhone/iPad. With the help of our app, you can receive real-time access to alerts, results, and much more. You can also check the results when out with your friends on a getaway. Just sign in your account and explore news, blogs, articles, and past French Lottery results. You can also make planned moves by checking the past winning results of French Lotto since the day it was first played.

  • Six magical French lotto numbers make a man two-time millionaire

    French Lotto made history when a French industrial worker won the jackpot twice with the same set of six numbers. It first happened in the year 1996, when the worker, a resident of Montpellier won a jackpot with worth of €2.8 million. He continued using the same lucky numbers over and over again. Nobody could have imagined that the worker would get double lucky and win the jackpot again in the year 2011. But this time the jackpot prize was worth €3 million!

  • Record breaking France lotto jackpots

    The biggest ever jackpot prize that was drawn by a single ticket was in the year 2011. The jackpot had a magnificent worth of €24 million. The magical winning numbers were10, 13, 22, 30, 45, and the additional number 1. The second largest French Lotto jackpot was drawn recently in the year 2014 that rolled over till it hit an enormous worth of €23 million. It was again won by a single ticket holder and the numbers drawn on the day were 8, 9, 40, 41, 49, and the additional number 3.