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  • France Euromillions
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  • 1 7 12 25 49 6 9
  • MegaMillions
    $ 136,000,000
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    The France Euromillions draw takes place every week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Have you bought a France Euromillions ticket? The France Euromillions lottery offers 13 prize categories excluding the raffle prize. You can win the jackpot if the 5 main numbers and two lucky numbers in your ticket match the five winning numbers as well as the 2 lucky numbers drawn on the date of lottery. The five main numbers are to be chosen from a range between 1 and 50. The two lucky numbers are to be chosen from a separate guess pool ranging between 1 and 11.

    The jackpot starts at €15 million. It has a €190 million jackpot cap. You can win an amazing prize even with three matching numbers. You stand a chance to win a guaranteed €1 million raffle prize! Do you think you can get €1 million richer? Then play the game and try your luck.

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  • what’s Hot and what’s not in France Euromillions Lottery

    There are many numbers that are drawn maximum number of times in a given span of time. Be it a month, few months, a year, or more than a year, these numbers have made appearances time and again. People choose such numbers so as to improve their winning odds. On the contrary cold numbers have also influenced many players as they are mostly avoided while selection of numbers. These numbers make rare appearances in a given span of time.