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Latest EL Gordo Lottery Results

Have you bought an El Gordo lottery ticket? If yes, you must stay updated at all times. In order to know the El Gordo resultados and other important information you can visit This popular and official lottery site gives you minute-to-minute and accurate information on most played lotteries across the world. The El Gordo Primitiva is a lottery game that offers a jackpot worth €35 million. It is organized in Spain by the National Organization of Lotteries and Bets (ONLAE) in Spain.

Draw Results
  • El Gordo
  • Play El Gordo
  • € 11 800 000
    20 26 30 38 53 9

  • Days : Hours : Mins : Sec
  • Italian National
    € 254,800,000
  • Jackpot
    No Winner
    No Winner
    No Winner
  • 2 Prize
    No Winner
    No Winner
    No Winner
  • 3 Prize
  • 4 Prize
  • 5 Prize
  • 6 Prize
  • 7 Prize
  • 8 Prize
  • Check The El Gordo Winning Numbers?

     El Gordo Lottery offers nine prize divisions. You can choose five lucky main numbers ranging between 1 and 54 and an additional bonus number ranging between 0 and 9 to play the El Gordo lottery online. The draws are held every Sunday. Soon after the draw the results are posted at this site. Check the past and latest results/resultados de El Gordo Primitiva right here on

    El Gordo lottery was made famous by the jaw-dropping winnings and “reintegro” number that boosts the values of lower category prizes. In order to win the jackpot all the six numbers including the five main numbers and one “reintegro”number must match the numbers drawn by the machines. The first five numbers are from a different pool and the reintegro number is from a separate pool. With manual selection or Quick Pick option, you can choose the numbers. Why wait? Play your ticket right away!

  • Get Spain El Gordo Lottery Results on the go for free

     Are you on a vacation? Worried how will you check the results? Worry no more! Just sign in to your PlayLottoWorld account anytime, anywhere and get notified for the results for free. Get El Gordo results on the move! Do not miss out on the El Gordo winning numbers while still out with your friends. Want to make planned moves? Check the El Gordo past results from the time the lottery was first drawn. Do you want to stay updated at all times and in real-time? Get instant updates by downloading our mobile app. Get the latest El Gordo winning numbers on the move.

  • El Gordo Lottery Jackpot

     With a guaranteed minimum jackpot prize of €5 million, El Gordo is definitely one of the most loved lottery games all across the world. The rollovers are high. In 2011, the El Gordo jackpot prize rolled over as high as €33,024,545! It is the biggest prize to date. The state holds 45% of the profits made by selling El Gordo tickets. Additional 45% of the ticket sales are employed for payouts. The remaining 10% is used for paying out reintegro prizes.

  • The Hot and Cold Numbers in El Gordo Lotto

     The most frequently drawn numbers are referred to as the hot numbers. Cold numbers are the ones that are least appearing numbers in the draw. Would you no want to know which numbers to choose and which to avoid? You can do so by checking the El Gordo results online. Stay updated with the most desirable and the least desirable numbers using the site. Find out what were the most appearing and least appearing numbers in the past years.