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Brazil Mega Sena Results Winning Numbers

Check the Latest Brazil Mega Sena Lottery Results Online at Mega Sena Lottery is one of the most played lottery games in South America. Play Lotto World provides immediate access to online results and other information such as latest offers, past winning numbers and news alerts. Buy Brazil Mega Sena Lottery tickets online from and win great jackpot and other secondary prizes.

Draw Results
  • Brazil Mega Sena
  • Play Brazil Mega Sena
  • R$ 450 000 000
    1 6 10 30 33 35

  • Days : Hours : Mins : Sec
  • MegaMillions
    $ 272,000,000
  • Jackpot
  • 2 Prize
  • 3 Prize
  • Have you Checked the Brazil Mega Sena Lottery Results?

    Have you bought a Brazil Mega Sena Lottery tickets yet? It is a national lottery which draws players from all over the world. The unique nature of this lottery makes it one of the world’s biggest lotteries. If you want to be next millionaire then buy yourself a Brazil Mega Sena Lottery ticket now. All you need to do is select 6 numbers ranging between 1 and 60. You can manually select the numbers or opt for a quick pick option. The odds of you winning a prize are favourable. The draws take place every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Check Brazil Mega Sena lottery results online immediately after the draw takes place.

  • Brazil Mega Sena History

    Brazil Mega Sena Lottery was first played in the year 1961. This Lotto game is overseen by the Caixa Economica Federal bank. The largest Brazil Mega Sena jackpot was worth R$64.9 million and was played in 1999. The jackpot was won by a resident of Salvador. 54% of the fund raised for this lottery is spent on costs and then donated to various charitable and social causes.

  • Brazil Mega Sena Prizes

    With 3 prize categories, Mega Sena gives you a great chance to take home money. In order to win the Brazil Mega Sena jackpot, you need to match all six numbers. The lottery game offers secondary prizes as well to the winners whose guesses are matched with 5 & 4 numbers. Prizes in worth over R$50 million have been won by winners in various draws so far. Jackpot winners are awarded with 35% of the total pool. Each player having 4 and 5 matches get 19% of the pool.

  • Hot and Cold Numbers for Mega Sena

    The most frequently drawn numbers are referred to as the hot numbers. Cold numbers are the ones that are least appearing numbers in the draw. Would you no want to know which numbers to choose and which to avoid? You can do so by checking the Mega Sena results online. Stay updated with the most desirable and the least desirable numbers using the site. Find out what were the most appearing and least appearing numbers in the past years. You can also customize the dates to get the accurate results.