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Powerball is one of the most played American Lottery games that is offered in over 44 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. The Powerball jackpot game is coordinated by Multi-State Lottery Association. The minimum jackpot of Powerball is $40 million! If the winner chooses the “Annuity Option”, the jackpot prize gets credited in 30 graduated instalments. Each instalment keeps increasing at the rate of 4% each year! The winner can also claim the prize in one go using the “One Time Option”.

Powerball Key Facts

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Overview on Powerball

In order to select the winning numbers, Powerball employs a 1/69 “White Balls” and 1/26 “PowerBall” matrix. The Powerball lottery is drawn at 10:59 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday.

In 2013 drawing, Powerball jackpot prize was worth $590,500,000, the biggest to date. It was won by a resident of Florida. Moreover, it was the third largest lottery jackpot ever drawn worldwide.

How to play Powerball online

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  • 1. Play PowerBall online has never been so easy. All you need to do is to select your numbers. You can select the numbers manually. Also, you can view the past winning numbers and make well planned moves.
  • 2. You choose five different numbers each between 1 and 69. These numbers are well-known as “White Balls”.
  • 3. You select one number between 1 and 26. The number is popularly referred as “PowerBall”.
  • 4. The number chosen for the PowerBall or the Red ball can be the same to one of the White Ball numbers.
  • 5. You can also avail the “Quick pick” option for getting randomly generated numbers.
  • 6. Finally you can add the numbers to your basket and make your final purchase.
  • 7. Each play is $3,10 If you opt for a Power Play, you need to pay an extra $1.00 per ticket.
  • 8. A mail confirming your purchase is sent to the buyer.

How to Win PowerPlay

  • 1. 6 numbers are pulled out from two different machines. Five from the first and one from the second machine usually under the supervision of the Florida Lottery.
  • 2. Winning results are published on the site
  • 3. Also, winners are sent individual mails
  • 4. With fewer numbers participants can still win prizes but, winnings scale up the more numbers you have

It is advisable to claim the prize on time to avail the lottery as the cut-off times and prize claiming windows vary from state to state.