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New Zealand Powerball is a popular lottery game that ensures fun and excitement. It has been played for a long time now. This amazing lottery game is the Kiwi version of US Powerball. New Zealand Powerball has created many millionaires and has been adding new names to the list every week! It is one of the finest weekly lotteries all across the world. The lottery game has given the players equal chances of winning huge jackpot prizes. The game is held once a week. The largest single ticket lottery prize registered so far was worth NZD$ 33 million. Well that is a prize any avid lottery enthusiast will definitely want to win! What are waiting for? Purchase a ticket now. You never know, you might be the next millionaire!

New Zealand Powerball Key Facts

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New Zealand Powerball New Zealand Powerball
Play New Zealand Powerball
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New Zealand Powerball lottery Overview

The New Zealand Powerball is one of the most played lottery games in the world. Not just the Kiwis love the game; lottery lovers from all across the globe admire the game a lot. As there are several players participating in the pool, the prize amount is large. The game is similar to US Powerball. The New Zealand Powerball Jackpot has a cap over the rollovers. Once the cap is reached a ‘Must Be Won’ draw is organized. The ticket sales for the ‘Must Be Won’ draw are unexpectedly large every time as the players come with a desire to win the capped jackpot.

Are you preparing to hit the next New Zealand Powerball? Find suitable numbers that can change your destiny. Do so by viewing past New Zealand Winning numbers from If the numbers in your ticket match the New Zealand Powerball winning numbers that are picked on the day of draw, you become the possessor of the jackpot prize! You must choose six main numbers from a guess pool ranging between 1 and 40 and a Powerball number from a guess pool ranging between 1 and 10. The lottery employs a double matrix. With the help of the Powerball number, the player increases his chances of winning the secondary prizes. Do not feel crestfallen if you did not win the jackpot! In addition to the jackpot, there are 10 tiers of prizes for New Zealand Powerball. The New Zealand Powerball lottery draw takes place on Saturdays.

How to Play New Zealand Powerball

You have fare chances of winning any of the New Zealand Powerball 11 prizes. Try your luck! Play the thrilling game of New Zealand Powerball online! Just sign in to your account and become a part of the game. Ensure astounding wins by playing a bonus number. Play online now! Why suffer standing in long queues when you can buy tickets from the comfort and convenience of your home. Play Lotto World gives you the benefit of playing lottery in the comfort of your living room. The site ensures privacy for the player. The tickets bought are legal and secure.

  • 1. Choose 7 numbers. You can review the past New Zealand Powerball winning numbers and select the numbers.
  • 2. Select six different numbers from a guess pool ranging between 1 and 40. These numbers are the main numbers.
  • 3. Choose 1 number from a guess pool ranging between 1 and 10. The number is popular as “Powerball number”
  • 4. You can also avail the “Quick pick” option for getting randomly generated numbers.
  • 5. Finally you can add the numbers to your basket and make your final purchase.
  • 6. A mail confirming the purchase is sent to you.

Winning Results for New Zealand Powerball

  • 1. 7 numbers are pulled out from two different lottery machines. Six main numbers are drawn from the first machine and 1 Powerball number from the other. In order to win the jackpot all the main numbers must match.
  • 2. Winning results are published on the site
  • 3. Also, winners are sent individual mails
  • 4. With fewer numbers participants can still win prizes but, winnings scale up the more numbers you have. There are 11 prize categories.

It is advisable to claim the prize on time to avail the lottery as the cut-off times and prize claiming windows vary from state to state.