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EuroMillions Lotto was launched in the year 2004. The popular lottery combines nine countries including UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgian, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Ireland. The EuroMillions lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evening. This lottery game is one of the most played games across the world. The jackpot prize ranges from €15 million to €190 million. What are you waiting for? Buy your official EuroMillions tickets online from, the best online lottery site, and get a chance to become the next euro multi-millionaire!

Euromillions Key Facts

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Euromillions Lotto Overview

As there are nine countries merging the stakes, the prize pool is much larger than any individual lotto in the world. The minimum jackpot offered by this popular lottery game is €15 million.

The Euromillions lottery draw takes place at 20:45 C.E.T. every Tuesday and Friday in Paris. The winning results are shortly published after the draw on various associated and independent websites. In case there is no winner, the jackpot gets rolled over. A mind-blowing €185 million was reported to have been accumulated in the past! Is it not awesome? The winner can take home the Euromillions jackpot winnings as a lump-sum payment. This lottery game has made many millionaires! It is truly worth millions as it made the dreams of numerous people come true.

The Euromillions ticket has seven numbers in total. Each of the first five numbers ranges between 1 and 50. Each of the next two numbers ranges between 1 and 11. The last two numbers are also known as Lucky Star numbers. A standard EuroMillions ticket costs €2.00 or £2.00. If you are playing from Ireland or Portugal, you can pay extra €1.00 to avail the Plus option. To win the EuroMillions jackpot all the seven numbers must match the Euromillions winning numbers.

How to Play Euromillions Lotto Online

The shortest way to become a millionaire is to Play Euromillions online! Just sign in to your account and become a part of the game. Play online Euromillions & Millionaire Raffle and win exciting prizes. You can also increase the winnings for secondary prizes., the most secured & genuine lottery site, gives you the benefit of playing lotto in the comfort of your home. The site ensures privacy for the player. The tickets bought here are legal and secure.

  • 1. Choose 7 numbers. You can review the past Euromillions winning numbers and make your move manually.
  • 2. Select five different numbers each between 1 and 50. These numbers are the main numbers.
  • 3. Choose 2 numbers each between 1 and 11. The number is popular as “Lucky Star numbers”
  • 4. You can also avail the “Quick pick” option for getting randomly generated numbers.
  • 5. Finally you can add the numbers to your basket and make your final purchase.
  • 6. A mail confirming the purchase is sent to you.
  • 7. A reminder- You need to be minimum 18 years of age to play the lottery game(16 years and above for UK)

Winning Results for Euromillions
  • 1. 7 numbers are pulled out from two different drums. Five main numbers from the first and 2 lucky star number from the second drum. In order to win the jackpot all the seven numbers must match.
  • 2. Winning results are published on the site
  • 3. Also, winners are sent individual mails
  • 4. With fewer numbers participants can still win prizes but, winnings scale up the more numbers you have. There are 12 prize categories.

It is advisable to claim the prize on time to avail the lottery as the cut-off times and prize claiming windows vary from state to state.