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You can buy tickets of over 12 different popular lotteries in the world at This site is one of the most popular lottery websites in the world. You can easily check the latest winning numbers for any of the lottery game draws along with the past results. You can check the results of the lottery games featured below. Follow your favourite lotteries by easily accessing lottery result alerts for free. If you have a mobile phone with continuous and uninterrupted internet connection, you can easily stay updated with results on the move. Just download the Play Lotto World's FREE Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android and get updated with all latest results & news. Partying with your friends or out for an excursion, you can check results anytime, anywhere!

Check Past Lottery Results

You can check winning numbers in this lottery site. You can access the past winning results as well as the latest winning results at PlayLottoWorld. What were the past winning numbers? Which number won the last jackpot this year? Play Lotto World allows you to see lottery past results for several years at the drop of a hat. View the winning combinations online from the time the game was first played.

Would you not want to know which numbers you must select for your ticket? Play Lotto World lets you know the numbers that were most used in a given year. Also, the site gives you information on the numbers that were least used. Hot numbers or the numbers that were drawn the most in a year whereas, Cold numbers or the numbers that made least appearance in lucky draws in a year.

Check Lottery Bonus Numbers

Want to learn more about bonus numbers? You will find relevant information regarding bonus numbers in this site. A bonus number is a supplementary number that is selected from the same lottery drum by lottery officials. During the draw, it is drawn as a regular guess set. This number can help you win other secondary category prizes.This number is not selected by the player. Thus it is not required to win jackpot prizes!

Check Lottery Additional Numbers

Additional numbers are selected from a separate drum and are a part of the winning combination. The main numbers or regular guess sets are selected from the first drum whereas the additional numbers are selected from a separate second drum. Powerball number is an additional number.

Additional numbers increase the odds of winning prizes. You need to play them in order to win jackpots in some of the popular lotteries like Eurojackpot, US Powerball and Euromillions. When combined with guess sets, they increase the possibilities to win various secondary category prizes.