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Looking for answers! You can select a category and get immediate online lottery help. These are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will help you know more about PlayLottoWorld. You can also contact us via e-mail, telephone or live chat. Our customer support team would be more than happy to help you. Our support team will assist you with any kind of queries.


About Play Lotto World


1.   How does it work? allows you to participate from the comfort of your home. Use your computer or your Smartphone to log in to your PlayLottoWorld account and play 12 of the best lotteries around the world. Several syndications are set up for the 12 lotteries in a country of your choice. We are your Syndication Manager and you are our Syndication Member.


2.   What are the advantages of using to play my favourite lottery?

There are several benefits of using PlayLottoWorld site. You can enjoy your favourite lottery games anytime, anywhere. Sit at home or office and play the games using your computer. You need not wait in a queue to buy tickets. You can fund your 'Member Account' whenever you want using your credit card. The system automatically checks your selected numbers and funds the winnings in your 'Member Account' after each draw. You can get the winnings transferred to any bank of your choice in any part of the world. The winnings can be transferred in the currency of your choice! Our site automatically sends you weekly info mailers updating you of the upcoming jackpots and prizes!


3.   How easy it to play the lottery through

PlayLottoWorld is a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website.


4.   Does sell lottery tickets? is not a seller or reseller of lottery tickets. We are a syndicate manager. We purchase entries on your behalf.


5.  Does have any ties to any lottery agencies? is not directly or indirectly related with any lottery commission in any part of the world.


6.  Does share in the prize money/winnings? has a stake in each ticket entered. This is done to legally enter lotto tickets for our members/participants. In this manner, we charge 1% of all tickets entered.




1.  How do I 'Register'?

You can simply click on the 'Register' link located on the 'Home Page'. You can then fill in all the necessary requirements featured on the registration form. Your contact details are mandatory as they are the only resources for us to keep you updated at all times.


Purchasing tickets/ how to play online lottery


1.  How do I place an order for lottery tickets?

Playing lotto games have never been so easy and fun! All you need to do is click on the 'Play' option available on the different lottery game pages. By doing so, you will enter the Play Zone. Get all the necessary information related to the game in the ‘How to play” section in the lottery game Play zone page.


2.  How do I checkout and get my order?

You can click on the 'Checkout' option. This option is reflected every time you put something in your shopping cart. In case you are not registered with the site, you will be asked to 'Register'. Once the registration is done, you can fund your 'Member Account'. This can be done via a valid credit card. Once Upon successful funding, you can click on the 'Checkout' button.


3.  When is the best time to place my order?

Place subscriptions requests at least 4 hours before the actual lottery draw takes place.


4.  Who is eligible to play the US lottery?

Anyone over the age of 18 years can buy US lottery tickets. You need not have to be a resident or citizen of US to play US lotteries. In order to play US lotteries, there are no legal restrictions for any individuals.


5.  Can I choose the numbers I play?

You can select the numbers manually or opt for the 'Quick Pick' option. In Quick pick option the computer randomly selects the numbers for your ticket.


6.  How to win?

You can also see the past winning numbers (hot numbers and cold numbers) to make well planned moves.


7.  How do I know what numbers I`m playing?

The player receives an e-mail with the numbers that has been chosen by him, before each lottery draw. You can also check the history of all the tickets to check the numbers entered by you by simply clicking on 'Ticket Search' in the 'Members Area' of our website.


Results and alerts


1.  How will I be notified of my ticket purchases?

Once you have purchased a lottery ticket, the system automatically generates a confirmation e-mail that is mailed to your personal e-mail account that you have linked with us. The mail reflects all the entries for that particular session.


2.  How are lottery draw results known? keeps its players up-to-date by publishing lottery results on the website. The results get released in the site soon after the results are declared. You can check the lottery results on the individual official websites of the lotteries.


3.  How do I know if I won? checks and monitors all the tickets that are bought by our subscribers. We also notify our participants via confirmation e-mails if you win a jackpot or other secondary prizes. Ultimately it is the player’s responsibility to check their lottery tickets after each draw to see whether he has won or not.


4.  Are lottery results published on

Yes, lottery results are published in our website. You can also visit the official lottery websites for results.


5.  What do I do if I win?

In case you win a large or small prize, the system automatically sends an e-mail confirming the same. The message exclaims ‘Congratulations, you have won a Prize!’ You can place your winnings in your 'Member Account’. You can choose to Withdraw' your prizes. You can also leave it in your account in case the winnings are small.


6.  What will it cost to have the winnings sent to me?

If you choose to 'Withdraw' your winnings, you will have to pay the cost of the transaction.


7.  Do I have to pay taxes if I win a prize?

If s on the winning amount. The percentage varies from state to state. Taxes are normally deducted by the lottery commission before they issue the winning win a prize of $600 or more in any of the US lotteries must pay state and federal taxe


8.  What if I don`t receive my confirmation e-mails?

In case you are not receiving our information or confirmation e-mails, you can contact us via e-mail, telephone or live chat. Our customer assistance and satisfaction team would be more than happy to help you. Our support team will assist you with any kind of queries.




1.  Once I subscribe to, will my information be secure?

PlayLottoWorld gives utmost importance to security and privacy of data. We never give away the personal information of any participant to any 3rd parties. All your personal information and your prizes are kept strictly confidential and secure.


Cancellation and refund policy


Payment: Payment details need to be submitted before Playlottoworld representatives will purchase your tickets. Major credit cards are accepted as well as EFT options.

Despatch: You select the Lottery for which you would like to play. If the Lottery draw has already closed the tickets cannot be purchased online as we cannot supply tickets after close-off. Our website close off is set a substantial time prior to the official cut-off time to allow our ticket purchases to be completed by our staff in each location. The website automatically displays the next available draw date after close-off time. You will immediately be sent your "Confirmation ticket" by email and Playlottoworld will not be liable for losses incurred by lack of performance by players' internet service providers.

Ticket purchases are queued in batches and printed within an hour of your online purchase , we can no longer allow refunds on tickets once our company has purchased the ticket. However, if our company representatives have not yet purchased the lottery ticket on you behalf, cancellations or order alterations are possible.

Playlottoworld reserves the right to undertake such alterations at their discretion, and will not be held responsible for errors in altered/modified entries.

Cancellations: If you are entirely dissatisfied with the service you have received, and your complaint is valid, we will consider a refund of your purchase . Playottoworld reserves the right to undertake such a refund at their discretion. To apply for a refund email us on