Worldwide Lottery

Although the Lottery may vary from country to country the basic principles remains the same and that is to enrich its citizens and proved the Governments with additional funds.

For example in Canada prior to 1967 it was illegal to buy a ticket to Play Lottery on the Irish Sweepstakes, when a “voluntary tax” was announced to try help recoup money spent on the World Fair and the new subway system the prizes were given out in the form of silver bars and not money, because it was a “tax” it could not be classified as a lottery and so was therefore “legal” ,however after many years of infighting, allegations and debates  about the legality of this so called “voluntary Tax “ it was finally decided in 1969 to legalize Lotto and allow it’s citlotto worldizens to Play Lotto as it should be.

Through the 1970’s the Federal Government ran Lotto Canada and used this money to help recoup the expenses for the 1976 Summer Olympics. Today approximately half of the total sales are used for jackpots and the remaining balance for administration namely things like Lottery News announcing Lottery Winners and other local causes.

This model is closely followed throughout the world were players whether they play Online Lotto or at their nearest store and Play Lotto World. In New Zealand’s Lotto News some of their jackpot cash prizes are supplemented with product prizes such as cars, houses, boats, holidays and luxury travel holidays and as with Canada’s Lottery, profits in New Zealand’s Lottery are distributed directly to charities, community organizations, sport and recreation but to name a few.

This trend is not unique to these two countries but is worldwide phenomenon when players get together to Play Lotto World better themselves and their communities.

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