Win lotto by checking the number yourself

Win lotto by checking the number yourselfWin lotto by checking the number yourself.Most of the people are keen to know how to win the lotto. However, they often do not check the winning combination and simply trust the draw results sent to them in the email. It is important that you check the results yourself, as you never know you might be the winner of the jackpot this month.

The lottery retailers are trustworthy, however; the big wins can make them greedy anytime. It has been shown in a recent report that most of the clerks have been hiding the winning combination and stealing the tickets to win the prize.

How to win the lotto:

When you go to the local store to check the tickets or to your online platform, you will enter the number into the machine. It will show you that whether you have won or not. The winners will get the message of congratulations.

However, the machine will not show the amount that you have won.

You will hand over the ticket to the clerk. He will tell you that you have won and given you a small amount of money. You will be pleased that you have won; in reality, you have been ripped.

Now what the clerk did is that he changes your ticket with the one that wins the lowest prize. The reason that you won the jackpot and the clerk is going to claim the money for himself.

Protect yourself:

Here are few ways that you can use to protect yourself from such kinds of scams:

As soon as you buy the ticket it is important that you sign its back.If you can check and scan the lottery tickets yourself.Once you know that you have won the prize, check the winning amount by using a newspaper or online portals.

Once you know how to win the lotto it is important that you protect yourself from all such scams. You have won the amount and you should be the one to claim.

Learn how to win the lotto and win the amount but never trust the clerk. You do not know about their hidden scams.


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