Which lottery is the best for me?

Which lottery is the best for me?


Which lottery is the best for me? Back in the days before online lotteries, players were highly restricted with regards to the range of large-scale lottery games they could enter, with 2 or 3 televised national games to choose between at best. Time change…Now you can take part in all world’s greatest lottery thanks to advances in technology.for those amongst you who are wondering “Which lotto is best for me here are they :


If you dream bigger than everyone else, MegaMillions is for you. Especially right now with an excellent jackpot size on offer of $750  millions this game is definitely the one you should go for.


Providing enormous prizes on a more regular basis. Powerball offers a tasty alternative to MegaMillions for players with an appetite for monumental prizes. This great game tends to pay out million dollar second tier prizes on a remarkably regular basis.


EuroMillions is the European record holder for top prize value. To date the game has paid out two staggering maximum jackpots of 190 million euros. If you want to keep it European and go for the biggest prizes available, this is the draw for you.


EuroJackpot has quietly gone about the business of growing to become a major rival to EuroMillions’ dominance on the European continent in the last few years. With amazing odds on prize wins, this is the best draw for players who want a great chance of winning.

The Italian superEnalotto

The Italian game SuperEnalotto is the player’s draw of choice. For the one considering the variety to be the spice of life. 

Moreover, it features unusual gameplay that challenges players to pick 7 numbers from 90.

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