Which is the world’s best lottery

If you are purchasing your lottery tickets the old school way by popping into a corner shop on the way home, well if you are then it’s about time that you switch up your lottery skills and head online to the online lottery world because the world is full of other lotteries that are offering even bigger wins at lower prices ticket prizes.

Once you Jump online you will discover lots more lottery options, games at far cheaper game prices, with much better odds and massive jackpot prizes.

If you are going by the World’s Best Lottery by its Jackpot Size then here’s your answer:

When it comes to the largest lottery jackpots, America is most definitely the most dominant in the lottery world which have claimed the title of the top 25 jackpot wins to ever happen, with the top five of them exceeding over the half a billion dollar mark.

Sitting loud and proud at the very top is the Mega Millions which was previously known as The Big Game, this lotto game has gained up to a staggering $656 (around £421 million) million record jackpot win back in 2012.

Within a year the second biggest jackpot was won worth $648 million dollar, roughly £418.5 million.

Of course you will have to try concur some sizable odds to win the ultimate jackpot but the odds of winning any lottery prize is just under 15:1. Plus the odds are you also being a single winner is also very slim, in 2016 the USA lottery reached into the billion dollar mark after a couple of roll overs, this lead to a number of winners claiming the prize. But ultimately being part of a jackpot win that big, splitting some of it will leave you walking away with a massive smile on your face.

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