What do lotto haters have to say

 What do lotto haters have to say For those who don’t play the lottery they clearly have a very different  opinion about it and what it has to offer, the lottery is almost seen to them as a quick fix instead of working hard to gain your own cash.

if you were to win the lottery and soon after purchase and bought lavish things, just because we can and the thought does sound amazing and out of this world. You’d think of yourself up there with the big boys, the self made millionaires and you’re now on par with them but in less than a year you’d be selling that eight-bedroom, seven bathroom mansion because it is unrealistic for a family of four.

For this you would still be looked down upon by the truly wealthy because you’re incapable of making reasonable choices, to the working class you’d be seen as an impulsive lunatic that is trying to be something you’re not just because you claimed the jackpot as your own.

A Couple in the USA said after they won the jackpot then moved into an exclusive neighbourhood, they organised a massive part and invited all of their new neighbours. None of them actually attended the party and they believe it’s because their neighbours thought they didn’t earn that money.

Outsiders of the lotto world also are very forthcoming, don’t let it drive you nuts when people ask where you keep the money, how you spend it and if you still have any left. Let’s be realistic no one would dream of asking a CEO these questions but since your money is public knowledge people feel like they have a right to ask because basically you didn’t earn it.



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