What can i help you win the lottery?

What can i help you win the lottery?

Let’s have a look at some of the commonly used strategies for picking the numbers.

Numbers based on personal significance

If you have faith in lucky numbers, you belong to this category. People who pick their numbers based on this strategy usually center their numbers around important dates or events in their life. You may pick your mother’s birth date, month, and year and choose your lottery numbers based on it! Your lucky number category may involve Birthdays, Anniversaries, Age, Phone Numbers, or even Addresses.

High frequency numbers

Hot numbers are numbers that are drawn most frequently in a given game or a given time frame. There are players who utilize this strategy and bag a lot more than usual. They believe that these numbers have been drawn in the past more often and will continue to get drawn in the near future as well.

Check the Hot and Cold Numbers for your favorite Lottery game and see which numbers are working the best for you!

Numbers based on previous lottery draws?

There are many of us who track the patterns of the last lottery numbers drawn!


Transition Matrix analyzes the past winning numbers and observes the drawing pattern of lottery machines. It helps you by detecting the pattern in which the numbers are drawn, thus making you bet on the next winning numbers.

Buying a considerable number of lottery tickets will allow you to bet on a number of possible combinations of numbers, plus when you have bought a slightly higher number of lottery tickets, your chances to bag a lottery prize increases.

Lottery pools 

Yes, you got it right! Lottery players invest their minds in adopting a variety of unusual, and creative techniques to boost their Luck a Win. But when we talk about Big Money games like Mega Millions and Powerball, where the odds are 1 in millions…., players guard their win by entering into Pools.

What exactly is a lottery pool?

A group of people, – your family, colleagues, friend circle, or people in the locality, combine the money (or “pools” their money) to buy lottery tickets and if they win, they split the prize money!

Lottery pools are a method of increasing your odds of winning without increasing the risk of losing your financial investment. As a lottery pool, you can purchase a large number of lottery tickets with a group of people. From a technical standpoint, a pool increases your chance at winning in exchange for a smaller portion of the jackpot.

Start picking your winning numbers!

Who knows who Lady Luck sets her sight on? You can become a winner overnight and have all the wealth to live a happy and contented life!

So, now I believe you don’t have to ponder over why you haven’t won the lottery yet!






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