What About Psychics?

What About Psychics?

What About Psychics? Contrary to popular opinion, psychics cannot predict lottery numbers either. But that doesn’t stop people from turning to fortune-tellers and psychics to get a prediction. In 2011  the New York Mega Millions jackpot was up to $330 million. Psychics and fortune tellers alike tried predicting who would win. They pointed to a woman who was a Gemini, and she would have to share it with another person.

Due to those vague predictions, vendors were selling tickets at a profit of $1 million per hour.

Can Psychics Predict Winning Numbers?

As already established, the lottery is a game of chance and random outcomes. The future is not already decided, as the numbers are chosen from the machine at a specific time. Each number combination has an equal chance of being selected, so this is the reason why psychics cannot predict the winning numbers.

If something is already established, it is claimed that they can see it, such as where something is buried. But something that hasn’t been decided yet? No.

Lottery winners are just lucky, and there are no patterns to predict, no “guides” helping them win.

Past Winners Who Claimed to Predict the Lottery

There are past winners, however, who claimed that they had some “help” winning the lottery.

Carolyn Obrien  won the $3 million prize from the Connecticut lottery. She had her future read by a psychic several years prior, who told her that she had a check in her hand and exclaimed, “I did it!” Carolyn chalked up her win to the psychic’s prediction.

Another psychic predicted that her client, Lynn Groves, would never have to worry about money again. Later, Lynn won the lottery and then kept buying lottery tickets because her psychic told her she would keep winning.

Precise Predictions Are Impossible

Precise numbers for the lottery are impossible to predict, as mentioned previously, just like exact weather conditions, stock market numbers or other situations are impossible to predict. Psychics prefer to focus on vague images so that they get credit no matter what happens.

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