USA Powerball: 2 Five-Goal Hit of One Million Each

The game of USA Powerball is highly interesting because it is unpredictable. Last month 2 five-goal hit 1 million dollars each. The US Lottery Powerball offers many jackpot lotteries to the regular players and some of them are really big. Last month a big amount of 121.6 million dollars was cracked in a USA lottery jackpot. The money then converted in to 116.3 million euros. It goes to the east cost of the country. It happened in Delaware where the ticket that brought that huge win had the winner number 1, 8, 16, 40 and it had the bonus number 10.

USA Gets Tow Lucky Winners

Among more than 676, 000 winning tickets there were two lotto players who missed the main prize. They have gained a smooth mln dollar because of their 2 five-goal goal. One of them is from California and the other one is from Ney York.

Biggest Jackpot Ever

The history of USA Powerball has witnessed many big wins. Last year the jackpot of this famous USA Lottery was cracked for 7 times. The biggest one among them was 1.5 Billion dollars which was cracked at the starting of the year 2016. There were 3 happy winners who has shared that prize money.

Go Get Lucky

You can try your luck too because USA lotto is a popular one in the zone of online lottery. There are plenty of examples where the winners hit the big amount and get bonus as well. This is a nice way of making money and becoming a millionaire.

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