Unexpected lottery wins

Unexpected lottery wins

Unexpected lottery wins .Whenever a person wins $1 million in a lottery draw , there’s reason to celebrate. But when you’re having a tough time financially, the sense of relief and jubilation you feel must be on another level altogether.

One man who knows exactly how that feels would be the Australian lottery player who last month bagged a seven-figure jackpot just weeks after losing his job. The anonymous winner, from Perth, Western Australia, had been made redundant from his job in March. Within a month, he had claimed a division 1, $1 million Australian dollar prize in a Lottowest lottery draw.

He told members of the Australian media, “I can stop working on all those hundreds of job applications […] I’m certainly in no rush now.”

The lucky winner said the win came after 15 years of consistently buying lottery tickets – just one of many examples we’ve read recently that proves dedication can pay off handsomely when it comes to playing lotto.

Incredibly, the same store where the winner bought his ticket – a Lucky Strike shop in the suburb of Karawara, Perth – has sold several other big-money-winning tickets over recent years. The store’s owner, Mike Casey, told reporters his business had sold over eight top level winning tickets since 2001, with a combined prize vale of roughly $37 million Australian dollars.

“In 2007 we actually made history for selling the winning $30 million OZ Lotto ticket.

“Back then it was the highest Lotto win that Western Australia had ever seen.”

When questioned on whether his winning customers had a common strategy, Casey simply said, “They took a chance and purchased a ticket.

“It’s also important to remember that when you don’t have a win you’re still contributing to the things that make Western Australia great.”

Why would one shop attract so many lottery wins?

Lucky Strike owner Mike Casey may claim there’s neither rhyme nor reason in how so many players have won top prizes from tickets bought at his establishment. But for our money, the reason is clear: inspiration.

When people hear about a lottery jackpot win, it inspires them to realize that in lotto, anything is possible! This, in turn, encourages people in the local area to play. No wonder the people of Perth keep winning jackpots – they all realize that there are prizes to be won.

We’ve always said that a can-do attitude is the ultimate weapon in a lottery player’s arsenal. If you don’t have the faith to make a bet, you’ve got no chance of winning your dream prize.

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