UK lotto

UK lotto

The game was known as the National Lottery when it began in November 1994, with draws originally being held once a week on a Saturday night and the choice of numbers ranging from 1 to 49. The Wednesday draw was introduced in 1997, and the game was later rebranded as Lotto in 2002.

A Lotto Raffle was launched in 2013, and was later tweaked in 2015 to become the Lotto Millionaire Raffle, offering one prize of £1 million and 20 awards of £20,000 in each draw. A number of other big changes were made at the same time in 2015, with the ball pool increasing from 49 to 59, a jackpot cap coming in and a new prize tier being added for matching two main numbers.

The Lotto Millionaire Raffle was discontinued in November 2018 as part of widespread changes to Lotto’s prize structure. The jackpot cap was replaced with a new rollover limit to ensure it would be won more regularly, and bigger fixed prizes were introduced.

Now you will have a look at the UK yesterday winning numbers which are 4, 10,11,17,53 and 6 and the jackpot amount is £10,700,000 million, that a really good size amount that can provide you with the happiness you were looking for.

Prize Breakdown

Category: Winners: Prize Per Winner: Prize Fund Amount:
Match 6 Rollover 0 £8,512,227 £0
Match 5 plus Bonus 0 £1,000,000 £0
Match 5 39 £1,750 £68,250
Match 4 2,708 £140 £379,120
Match 3 74,602 £30 £2,238,060
Match 2 727,974 Free Ticket
Totals: 805,323 £2,685,430


Other Draw Details
Ball Set Used: 2
Ball Machine Used: Arthur

 Have a look at Uk lotto game and have fun.

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