UK Lotto Jackpot Shared By 2 Lucky Winners

Winning any lottery prize is undoubtedly an unforgettable moment in anybody’s life. What happens when a player wins a jackpot prize? The feeling cannot be described. It is undeniably the most exciting moment of his life. Recently two players won UK Lotto jackpot prize. Although much information about their whereabouts and identities have not yet been shared by the lottery, but the news about the win is confirmed.

The Saturday draw that was held on the 2nd of May changed the lives of two complete Lotto lovers. The UK Lotto jackpot prize was worth £4 Million! After state and federal tax deductions each player is supposed to get £1,450,289. The winning ticket of each player matched all the six main numbers that helped them bag the jackpot prize. The total prize fund for the top prize was £2,900,578.

There were other winnings also on the same day. The second division prize was taken away by 5 winners. Each winner is supposed to get £46,304. The total prize fund for the second division prize was £231,520. Each second division prize winner had a winning ticket with matching 5 winning balls and 1 bonus ball.

The UK Lotto results for the Saturday 2nd of May draw were as follows;

The main numbers: 07, 10, 11, 30, 31, 42

The Bonus number: 36

The next jackpot is estimated: £2,200,000 for Wednesday, 6th May, 2015 lottery

Machine used: Merlin Draw machine

Ball set used: 7 Ball set

In case you want to know what each winner received as lottery prizes, you can see the following table.

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UK Lotto prize breakdown

No. of matches No. of winners Prize per winner Prize fund
Match 6 2 £1,450,289 £2,900,578
Match 5 + Bonus 5 £46,304 £231,520
Match 5 354 £555 £196,470
Match 4 19309 £53 £1,023,377
Match 3 337858 £25 £8,446,450
Lotto raffle 50 £20,000 £1,000,000
Totals 357578 0 £13,798,395

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