Two funny lottery syndicate stories ever

 Two funny lottery syndicate stories everTwo funny lottery syndicate stories ever,Playing the lottery needn’t be a solitary affair. Many groups of  friends and work colleagues prefer instead to group together as a syndicate to increase their chances of winning. While the prize money awarded is divided up amongst the syndicate, a big win can still be life-changing for each and every player. Read tow funny stories below:

The day nobody turned up for work

Half a score of workers at the A4e employment advisory service sent operations grinding to a halt one day in July 2013. It wasn’t because the workforce had been struck with illness or misfortune. Quite the opposite in fact, they had all won the lottery. The group of 10 employees were all part of a syndicate which won an incredible £28 million jackpot on the EuroMillions draw. The following Monday the 10 were notable by their absence. Actually, this is more of a tragicomic story because there was one forlorn employee who missed out on the action; a 31-year-old mother-to-be who missed out on the draw because she was off work with morning sickness.

The absent winner

When a colleague is absent from work for long periods without notice or explanation, it’s always a cause for concern. When they start to receive congratulatory bottles of champagne from Lottery boards in their absence that’s when you really know something’s awry. That’s exactly what happened to the colleagues of Australian syndicate player Gary Baron who thought that he could keep the 16 million dollars in syndicate winnings for himself and not tell anybody. Furious colleagues went to Baron’s house to confront him only to find a brand new BMW parked in his driveway. Very discreet Gary!

There’s a silver lining folks. After being so spectacularly caught out by his peers, Gary duly paid the rest of the syndicate their due… Which is why forming a syndicate with trusted friends is a great way to go.

Join a syndicate who knows what weird and wonderful stories you’ll have to tell when you start playing in a syndicate?





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