Three types of lotto players

Three types of lotto players

Three types of lotto players.Over the many years of bringing you the latest lottery news, we have also had the privilege of getting to know our online lottery players. Even though all lottery players would love to win the top lottery jackpot prize, not all lottery players are the same and fall into various categories. What type of lottery player are you?

The Realist

People that say, “You know what, it’s the lottery. I know they’re out to take my money. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I’ll win. But, if I don’t, that’s alright. The roads will get paved, the schools will get funded. It’s all good. I’m a realist.

The Believer

These people who every single time they buy a lottery ticket, or scratch a ticket, or buy a Powerball lotto ticket, or whatever, they’re going to win. “I’m going to win, I’m going to win right now!” When they don’t, they buy another lottery ticket. “I’m going to win, I’m a winner. I believe. I am a believer.”

Doubting player

PROBLEM: You receive our email informing you of the next big lotto jackpot. The image looks extremely appealing, the wording gets your attention. But, you don’t always believe what you read. You think its all marketing, and they just want your money. You also end up thinking that you don’t have the tenacity to keep playing until a win comes along.

what to do now : Get out of your cynical mood and start believing in the good of humanity and the power of numbers. It is possible that someone could very well win the jackpot, and those six lucky lotto numbers could be your daughter’s birthday, your parent’s wedding anniversary, and your dog’s age. Why not? The lottery is a game of chance, and anyone can win it.



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