Three different types of lotteries to play


The lotto

Which is still the main game, present in most of the countries and making the biggest payouts, in order to play lotto game all you have to do is select 6 numbers between 0 and 47, mark them on your card and enter. On the day of the draw, the 6 numbers will be drawn from a possible 47, this is when you check your winning numbers to see if your chosen numbers matches the winning numbers. If they do, your life could have change forever. So this is one of the most played between the three different types of lotteries to play.

Raffles games

Are usually run alongside the main lotto, it’s also seen as bonus game. The popular international raffles are the UK lotto Raffle and the famous Spanish loteria de Navidad, both can reach extraordinary winnings. The raffle is played differently to a traditional lottery as you cannot choose your own numbers and have a pre-selected numbers assigned to you. Specific codes are printed on your ticket and if that code matches the one selected on the day of the draw, you are a winner.


Ever since 1992 Powerball has been making waves in the lottery arena, the odds of winning are greater than walking away with the grand a traditional lotto. The jackpot is won by matching 5 white balls and 6 red ball in any order. The balls are drawn twice a week from a drum of 56 balls with a separate drum of red balls where 1 will be selected.

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