Things lotto winner shouldn’t do

Things lotto winner shouldn’t doThings lotto winner shouldn’t do.You’ve probably heard plenty of lottery success stories, but how did they do it? What did they expect? How did they react? What most people never talk about is what lottery winners don’t do.  Here are some things winners don’t do-

Winners don’t play two or more games

Consistency is the key to most of life’s challenges and it is the same with lotteries.  This applies to playing the same number and to playing the same lottery game. If you pick numbers by analyzing their pattern or other combinatorics, it is even more important to apply these results to the specific lottery game that the analysis is based on. Do not try to spread your risk. In the lottery, you benefit from putting all your eggs in one basket.  Concentrating on one game – and hit it hard.

Winners don’t play in a lucky lotto store

Winners don’t chase luck by looking for a lucky store. Some retail stores attempt to attract players by advertising that they have more winners compared to other stores. The reason that one store has a higher number of winners than another store is because they have a higher number of players.   When more people buy lottery tickets from a store that store appears “lucky”.  What’s more, if a store can convince more customers to purchase tickets from them, they will seem even “luckier”. It’s simply a numbers game that helps the store sell more tickets, but doesn’t help you win.

Winners don’t miss a drawing

Just as winners stay consistent with a specific game, they also don’t miss a drawing.  There is are many examples of people who would have millions of dollars if they simply had remembered to play.

Learn from their mistakes, like this testimonial of a million-dollar miss:


I was playing the same series for some time, but I missed this one time because it slipped my mind to buy the lottery ticket for the next draw. The next day I saw in the newspaper that my numbers won $1 Million. I’ve never regretted something like this.

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