The types of lottery scams

  The types of lottery scams

The types of lottery scams.Winning the lottery can change your entire life in the blink of an eye, which is precisely why so many scammers and criminals take advantage of those thinking that they could have won huge amounts of cash. Lottery scams come in different forms, but usually, have one thing in common; they promise you a big payout in return for a “processing fee”, or other type of nominal payment. The scammer claims that these fees are needed to distribute the lottery winnings, and the scammer will often ask for subsequent payments stringing the victim along.

These lottery scams are instigated through text messages, emails or phone calls; and replying to these messages can open the floodgates to being scammed. Let’s go over  the types of lottery scams out there: 

Second Chance Lottery. 

This is a scam whereby the scammer will contact you and claim that you have a chance of winning a prize that has until now remained unclaimed. 

Lottery Winner Trusts. 

The scammer will contact you and claim to be working on behalf of a  prominent lottery winner who wishes to distribute their winnings to the less fortunate. The end goal for the scammer is to obtain your bank details or other personal information.

Fake Ticket Scam.

 This is when a scammer will approach you with what at first glance appears to be a winning lotto ticket or scratch card and will offer to sell it to you for less than the total winnings of the ticket. To make their claim sound more legitimate the scammer often claims that they cannot collect the winnings himself because of financial difficulties, fear of deportation, tax reasons or because the world is unsaved now because of convid19!.

Check Is In The Mail. 

One of the oldest and most simple lottery scams, people continue to fall for it to this day. The scammer will come to you claiming that you have won an international or foreign lottery and that they will mail you a cheque for the winning amount. The only catch is that they require a processing fee and mailing costs to get the cheque to you, only you can be sure that the cheque will never arrive or that you will not be able to cash it.

Dangerous Links.

 This scam is done exclusively via email and rather than trying to scam you out of money directly, the scammer instead tries to steal your banking details and login information. The scammer will include a link in an email that sends you to a site that will infect your computer with malware which can obtain personal details logged onto your computer in the past.

Big Company Lotteries.

 Some scammers will try and make their scam lottery seem more legitimate by using the names of big companies like Microsoft or Google. These companies may have your personal information and the scammer will claim that they have randomly entered your details in a lottery. Large corporations like Microsoft or Google will never submit your personal information to a lottery organization.

How do I know if the lottery is legitimate?

The easiest way to know if any lottery company that has contacted you claiming that you have won a prize is legitimate or not is to ask yourself, “did I ever play in this lotto?” Remember that you can never be a winner in any lottery if you do not purchase tickets first.

A legitimate lottery will always subtract any taxes or fees directly from your winnings, they will never ask you to make any payments upfront before you may collect your prize.

When playing the lotto only be sure to play in the well-established, larger lotteries. Some of these include the EuroMillionsor the USA Powerball lotto, Megamillions, Eurojackpot.


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