The true secret of winning rollovers jackpot

The true secret of winning rollovers jackpotThe true secret of winning rollovers jackpot.There is one important part of playing the lottery to win that most people ignore. And that’s the choice of games you select.

For most players, it’s an easy selection. They want a giant jackpot and nothing less will do.

So they choose the Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot.

Trouble is, the lottery organizations know the power of attraction to the large jackpots too. Because more money attracts more players.

So they make these games harder to win. And by making it harder to win each week, they are often extending the game until the prize is enormous

And this draws in more and more players.

So that’s why you see prizes rolling over week after week.

Example In February 2015, a US Powerball jackpot rolled over 20 times before there were winners for the $564.1 million prize. Powerball also rolled over for 3 months in 2017.  This particular jackpot rolled over 19 times with no one winning it since early April.

The UK National Lottery calls their rollovers a roll down.

A jackpot roll down occurs in a draw in which the top prize must be won but nobody matches all six numbers. When that happens, the prize money is split between other winners.

To date, there have been 16 ‘Must Be Won’ Lotto draws in the UK National Lottery where the advertised jackpot amount was guaranteed to be won on the night, either by players matching all six numbers or by the funds rolling down across other cash prize tiers.

The lottery organization can change the rules to make it harder to win.

They will let you play every game – that’s its advantage – but it won’t tell you when a rollover is coming up.

So the secret is to play ‘easier’ games to win.

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