The story of the cashier who tried to scam undercover cop

The story of the cashier who tried to scam undercover cop The story of the cashier who tried to scam undercover cop .If you are still buying lottery tickets at your local shop, make sure that you are extra cautious whenever you go in to claiming your winning.

Unfortunately, store clerks have quite a long history of pretending to discard lottery tickets that they told customers were worthless just so that they could keep it and claim the lottery winnings for themselves.

This is exactly what Crystelle Yvette Baton, 42, tried to pull while working as a store clerk at Winn-Dixie Liquors in Fort Myers, Florida USA.

A random mystery customer went to Crystelle’s counter to claim his lottery ticket winnings for matching 5 out of 6 numbers. Crystelle scanned the lottery ticket and realized that it was worth $600. She then did the unthinkable, instead of paying the man his full lottery winnings, she gave him $5 that she secretly took out of her own purse. The man took it and left the store, seemingly none the wiser.

Justice is served

Unluckily for Crystelle, she picked the wrong lottery winner to try and scam. This man wasn’t just any random customer, but he was actually an undercover police officer!

He returned to the store a few minutes later, revealed his true identity and told her that he was on to her. He searched her things and found his winning lottery ticket stashed away in her personal notebook. And justice had to be served.

My advice to you if you are a cashier make sure you do follow the rules and never cheat on costumers under a circumstances.

Lottery Winning Process

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