The screaming mask lottery winner

The screaming mask lottery winner The screaming mask lottery winner .Nowadays many lottery winners try and stay anonymous to prevent family, friends and acquaintances from asking for money, and to protect themselves from robbers and thieves. This usually involves covering their face with a jacket or paper to protect their identity when claiming their prize, but a man from Jamaica, decided to take this trend to a whole new level.

This Jamaican winner wonSuper Lotto and decided to fetch his winning cheque in a ‘Scream’ mask from the 1996 horror movie of the same name. This creepy winner, known only as A. Campbell, wore the same white ghostly mask that the serial killer wears in the film, along with a long coat, chino pants, and gloves. He arrived in this outfit, fully masked, when entering the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston to claim his winnings. He kept his mask on for the entire duration of the proceedings, even when presented with the $158,400,000 Winning prize cheque (almost US $1.2 million).

Super Lotto, is run by a company called Supreme Ventures who market it across several Carribean Islands. Supreme Ventures could see from their lottery system that somebody had chosen the winning numbers for this specific draw, but started to get worried when nobody came forward after more than a month. Supreme Ventures started urging the winner to come forward as soon as possible because the draw has a 90 day deadline to claim your winnings. Eventually, A. Campbell stepped forward on day 54.

Campbell said that the reason he took so long to claim his winnings is because he had felt ill as soon as he had realized that he had the winning ticket. He said that his head started pounding for at least 3 days as he tried to grapple with the idea of having his lifelong dream of becoming a millionaire finally come true. Campbell said that he felt it so difficult to believe that his life was going to change forever and was scared to go and claim his winnings in case it was all a dream.

Campbell was not really a frequent lottery player and only bought an entry every once in a while for $200 Jamaican (US $1.49) at his local corner store. He always said that it seemed too good to be true to become a millionaire overnight until it happened to him.

When asked why he chose to wear a mask to collect his reward, he replied, “I don’t want people to know my identity because I don’t want to be treated differently now that I have a lot of money”. He also revealed that he plans on keeping his day job and didn’t really want to reveal any further personal information about himself. The last bit of information that the ‘Scream’ mask wearer was willing to spill to reporters is that he plans on investing his winnings in a house for himself and his family.








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