The power of your fifth sense

 The power of you fifth sense

The power of your fifth sense.Luck! Luck is all you need when you play the lottery, people say. Wrong!

You will be surprised how many strategies, mathematical equations, and statistics are out there to help you improve your chances of winning the lottery. But today we will be focus on one which is using your fifth sense on your favor.

There are numbers that you see every single day without even paying any attention to them. For example, every day you set your alarm clock at 6:40. There you go – 6 and 40, or 46. For the lottery picks, you can also use your street number, your zip code, the bus line you ride etc.

Also, pay attention to which date you are playing the lottery.

  • Pick a date– NOT! Very often our lucky numbers consist of birthday dates, anniversary dates, and other dates. But are the lucky ones? In most of the cases – NO.

You may ask why. Well, simply because choosing significant dates for you really limits your chances to win the lottery. Your set of numbers could only be from 1 to 31 (dates in a month). Of course, there is no harm in adding one or two important dates after all.

  • And when I talk about personal lucky numbers there is no way not to mention numerology. The choices here though are even more limiting.

The only options you have are low numbers from 1 to 9 and 11, 22 and 33. There are literally tens of thousands of websites where you can check not only your personal year, month and day, your life number, but also your lottery magic number.



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