The most deserving lottery winners ever.

  The most deserving lottery winners ever.  The most deserving lottery winners ever.There are loads of ways to increse your chances of winning the lottery jackpot during your lifetime, but there’s no escaping the fact that you also need good luck to be on your side to win.Read below the story of how politeness and kidness can change people’s lives:

The guy who discovered the true value of politeness

One lucky jackpot winner hit the headlines in his native New Zealan, when he scooped an amazing NZ Lotto prize worth around €700.000. The anonymous player’s prize was significant, but it was the manner of his victory that was truly remarkable. He told local media that the big win would never have happened if another player hadn’t cut in line ahead of him when he was at the store buying his winning tickets.

The lucky winner stayed polite and kept calm in-spite of his fellow shopper’s faux pas: “I wasn’t in any hurry, so I just let them go ahead and didn’t say anything. I guess good karma pays off — if that hadn’t happened, they might have had the winning ticket not me.”

Good manners will pay off in all sorts of ways throughout your life – but probably never quite like this! The hero of the story has revealed he intends to use his winnings to buy a house with his wife. Check out another story:

A life-changing win for a wonderful family

Lottery winners don’t come more deserving than Lance Bradley. 74-year-old Lance and his wife, Helen, are foster parents to four boys between the ages of 8 and 20, the youngest of whom, Dalton, has Down’s syndrome.

The Daltons had the good fortune to win a Lucky Day Lotto prize of $400.000 on June 20th 2015, and after years of their lives primarily for the benefit of others, they weren’t about to stop being wonderfully selfless just because they were suddenly rich.

Their main consideration has been to help their boys, by putting money aside to support them in the future, and by buying a winter home in Florida to ensure Dalton never need struggle through a cold Illinois winter again.

Remember, you too can become a lottery winner who makes a difference in our society.

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