The man who won the lottery 14 times

the man who won lottery 14 times

A famous saying goes like you are more likely to be struck by the lighting than to win a lottery, but apparently that wasn’t the case of Stefan Mandel a Romanian-Australian economist who won lottery 14 times. In 1992 Stefan Mandel pulled off every lotter players dreams, he took the luck out of the game and guarantee himself tickets for Virginia $27 million jackpot by buying every single combination of numbers possible..

Mandel’s first two wins were in his native country Romania, where he was trying to earn enough money to get his family out of the communist country. By that that his salary was only of $88 a month.

He moved to Israel before settling down in Australia, that’s where he won the lottery an additional 12 times.

But before he always believe that he would win one first prize, second prizes, 132 prices, and thousands of minor prizes, but that was by far the biggest jackpot he’d ever won, it was not his first lottery win but it was his 14th.

According to him he only played; lottery because it was the only way out he could get some serious money quickly in order to get his family out from Romania. For Stefan Mandel when it came to play lottery he took it  very serious and he believed that like all successful business, lottery required a plan, diligent research ,and patience before taking off. He doesn’t just go out and buy random tickets, he also goes to the library and he starts reading math paper after math paper then he comes up with a formula for buying blocks of tickets and he thinks that strategy guarantees him a prize.

But after winning 12 times, enough sufficient laws were passed to put him of business in Australia. He was forced to look elsewhere, which is where in 1992 Virginia lottery comes into play. At the time, there were 7.1 million combinations of lottery tickets in Virginia, Mandel figured that he had to wait until the jackpot reached $25 millions or more before purchasing each combination to ensure he would turn a profit. The operation took three months, they printed out all 7.1 million tickets in Australia, paid $80,000.00 to ship them to the US, and the negotiated bulk buys with grocery stores all around the Virginia about how they could send cashier checks to buy tens of thousands of lottery tickets.

The night of the drawing, Mandel’s wasn’t anxious at all .He knew he had in the bag .and sure enough, he took home the first prize, along with several second and third prizes, and thousands of minor prizes? And that was his last lottery before he moved to south pacific.


Stefan Mandel was truly the definition of when lucky is in your side anything is possible.



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