The lottery winner who didn’t buy a lottery ticket

 The lottery winner who didn’t buy a lottery ticket

The lottery winner who didn’t buy a lottery ticket.When Barrie Edwards of Middletown, Pennsylvania struck it rich by winning a $42 Million Powerball jackpot, he must have thought to himself: “I didn’t even buy a ticket”. While this sounds a lot like one of those internet 409 Lottery scams, this is technically truthful, as he received his ticket for free as part of a promotion for which he qualified when he purchased 6 Pennsylvania Lottery tickets.

His $42,529,765.37 cheque was presented to Barrie and his family by Secretary of Revenue Tom Wolf and Lottery Executive Director Ed Trees, less the 25% federal withholding of course.

Barrie’s winning ticket carried the following number combination: White Balls: 2 – 5 – 28- 33 – 54 and the red Powerball: 30, which exactly matched the drawing that took place on August the second. The draw had reached this massive amount as a result of nine unwon drawings, or rollovers, and culminated in a single jackpot payment in excess of $42 Million. Barrie and Terry Edwards and family members have purchased Lottery tickets for years, and long ago they made a verbal agreement that if one of them won a large jackpot, the prize would be split among family members, all of whom are natives or long-time residents of Lancaster County. This is the tenth biggest win in Powerball history.

Amazingly, the same thing could be happening to you, if you purchase a minimum of five entries in a single transaction for the Powerball or MegaMillions lotteries who knows, maybe that free ticket could be raking in the big cash for you!


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