The lottery turned from a Government project to a life dream

The lottery has not just been a game which people can play by purchasing tickets, back in the day, roughly hundreds of years ago the lottery worldwide was used as a tool by the government to raise money to fund certain projects in their own countries. the lottery money received by the public was seen as an interest free loan to the government during the wars, building projects and plenty more.

The lottery as it stands now developed after the government sold the lottery ticket rights to a broker, after this the brokers hired agents and runners to sell them. A few years down the line these lotto brokers ultimately became the modern day stockbrokers that we know today. During this time people could not afford the entire cost of a lotto ticket, so in turn the brokers would sell shares of the lottery ticket.

A lot of private lotteries were held which raised money for London to support its settlement in America at Jamestown. Theoretically the English lottery has been running for over 250 years, this was until the government announced that the final lottery to be held, this was in 1826.

Now the lottery is played by millions worldwide and they playlottoworld in order to gain some extra finances. The lottery is now a private entity and not government run like many years before, this type of lottery has been going on for 20 years now and has created thousands of millionaires, not to mention the others who the lottery has handed out hundreds of thousands in cash and a number of other prizes. The lottery is not just about the ultimate jackpot, the lottery has a variety of games including scratch cards etc.

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