The lottery offers No Guarantees

Lottery players play the lottery in order to win heaps of cash, to put it simply. But the fact is no matter how much an individual splash out on lottery tickets, there is just simply no guarantee that he or she are going to win anything.

The lottery in the UK, The National Lottery has been going on for 20 years now and there have been lottery players who have been playing right from the start in hopes of becoming the next instant millionaire but are yet to still receive anything from the lottery.

But Is there a better, more lucrative way to devote or invest the money that you are spending on lottery tickets? Well if you have a look at the actual numbers, if a person was to spend roughly $5 per week on lottery tickets that ultimately adds up to $260 per year. Now take that over a 20 year period the total amount spent on lottery tickets would equate to $5,200.

If you were to put $260 away per year into a bonds account or into an interest account and say the percentage is sitting at 3.8%, you would gain roughly $7,584 after a total of 20 years. Or even $11,015 in stocks earning at 7.3%.

So ultimately, if a person was to only spend money on lottery tickets don’t doesn’t receive anything back from a lottery game, then the average lottery player is splashing out around out $5,200 in a 20 years period, now if you look at the pros and cons and of course there is never a guarantee within the stock market. So way up your pros and cons, maybe saving your money and investing it in other aspects might be a better options or keep playing the lottery until you become a potential millionaire.

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