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Lottery Jackpots

The sites host Lottery Jackpots like the EuroJackpot and since there has been no looking back. This specific game was launched in the year 2012 and is one of a kind lotto game. Though it is comparatively new compared to all its counterparts, yet it has been creating more breaking news than ever. There has been increasing number of millionaires playing the EuroJackpot. It is also considered one of the weekly lotteries that are the richest amongst all the others across the world. The game is confined to the countries in Europe like Sweden, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Denmark and Croatia. Minimum jackpot drawn till date is about ten million Euros.
The overview of the game
One of the most played and popular Lottery Jackpots is the EuroJackpot. There are many European countries participating in this pool and the prize money is bigger than many of the other lotto games. It is quite similar to another lotto pool called EuroMillions. This jackpot starts with a minimum amount of ten million Euros and rolling over to about ninety million. As a player, you have to pay two Euros per line for playing the game. If it has been your ultimate wish to hit the jackpot then the ticket numbers if you must match winning numbers of the game. The seven numbers from your ticket must match the winning result for you to hit the jackpot.
The number range
First five digits can be anything from one to fifty whereas the next two are usually from one to eight. Two numbers at the last are the “Euro numbers”.

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