The Lotteries biggest jackpots

Here’s a statement that might just below all of your thoughts and theories out of the water, winning the lottery is actually quite easy and achievable.

But to snatch that jackpot is the harder part, it is definitely tricky and this is obvious otherwise we would all be millionaires and lottery winners.  Believe it or not there are people who can vouch that winning the lotto isn’t the hardest thing to do as they have won huge jackpots each and often, like every week so they are a testament to that fact.

What doesn’t get published along with the massive millionaire hit makers is that people are always winning on the lotto and frequently. The part you don’t hear is that they are winning lower tier prizes that are still of considerable value. While they might not be big enough to make the lottery news they are still more than sufficient to change people’s lives.

When it comes to the jackpots, then yeah, this isn’t as easy but let be honest then nothing worthwhile in this life is easy. Having a little excitement at the horse races and end up winning a few pounds can be a fun moment. But nothing could ever compare with the uncontrollable joy of landing that massive lottery jackpot.

Of course every lottery player wants to first know is, what is the biggest lotto jackpot up for winning? If you look at lottery winners who have won more than one then will see that they don’t always go straight for the jackpot but play other lotto games, which increases your chances of being a winner.

These are the Lotteries larges recorded Jackpots:

MegaMillions (US)           £419.8 million

PowerBall (US)  £378 million

EuroMillions       £134 million

SuperEnaLotto (Italy)     £125.7 million

EuroJackpot       £63.5million

MegaSena (Brazil)            £56.29 million

German Lotto    £32 million

UK Lotto               £22.6 million

Swedish Lotto    £18 million

French Lotto       £16.9 million

Irish Lotto            £13 million

Polish Lotto        £9.4 million

Austrian Lotto    £6.8 million

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