The Choices You Can Make In Lottery

You are more likely to hit a jackpot if you have your luck on your side. Chances of hitting a jackpot are fair but tough. You can very well imagine your chances of winning by seeing an example. In the case of Powerball the chances that you will hit the jackpot is one in a 175 million. It seems like a fantasy that can be only achieved in dreams. But there are many who win jackpot and other secondary prizes. Once you have won a prize you cannot leave things to chance. There are many decisions.

  1. Anonymous or Advertised

After winning the lottery it totally depends on the player whether to remain anonymous or reveal their identity. The choice is totally theirs to make. In case they have huge and want to keep their winning undercover they can opt for anonymity. In case they want to share the news of their win with the rest of the world, they can publicize their identity through lottery and media.

  1. Onetime or long-term payment

This is the second place after winning the lottery where the winners will be asked to make a choice. At the time of claiming the prize, the winner will be asked whether he wants to go for an annuity payment option or a lump sum payment option. It is totally in the hands of the winner to decide whether he wants the winnings in one go or he wants his winnings to get credited at regular instalments.

  1. Well-planned or exhaustive expenditure

This can be classified as a tale of two winners. There are two types of lottery winners; one who prefers enjoying the fruit of the winnings lifelong, the other who prefers impulsively spending all his winnings. The former gets to lead a normal life whereas the latter leads an initial lavish life that soon falls apart.

These are the three main choices that each winner gets to make after winning lottery prizes. You think for yourselves which choice will you make.

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