The 1400 lottery winners

 The 1400 lottery winners  The 1400 lottery winners .Imagine finding out you’ve won the lottery, but you have to split the winnings with almost 1400 other people. This happened in South Carolina, after nearly 1400 people played the exact same winning numbers in the state’s Pick 4 game: 2-2-2-2 splitting the $3.4 million jackpot.

The State of South Carolina had a very busy week processing more than 1,400 lottery winning pay-outs when lottery players came forward to claim their share of the $3.4 million jackpot.

According to sources, lottery winners where lined up outside the lottery offices to collect their prizes on Monday morning.

It didn’t take long for lottery enthusiasts to realize that they had won their share of the $3.4 million jackpot that took place on Saturday evening.

It’s not the first time that the lottery has broken records for the most winners and for the most winners being paid out after choosing the exact same numbers.

Saturday evening’s prizes ranged from $2,500 to $40,000, with one lucky player walking away with $80,000 after he played the number combination a total of 16 times.

When lottery officials asked various winners lines up to claim their prizes, why they played the particular number combination for the draw, the explanations ranged from they have been playing the numbers for years and some even said they had a premonition telling them to play the numbers.

Number 2 in Chinese culture

As number two is the smallest even number, it means ‘double’, ‘twinned’ and ‘again’. As the Chinese believe that all good things comes in pairs, they will decorate windows with paper cut outs that mirror each other for weddings to entice happiness.

There are many congratulatory and complimentary phrases with the auspicious meaning of 2. For instance, ‘Bi Yi Shuang Fei’ (Shuang meaning double), literally means flying wing to wing, which is the best wishes to remain a devoted couple to the end of their lives; ‘Cai Mao Shuang Quan’ is used to describe a person to be pretty and also talented. When giving names to children, it’s also common to include the word ‘Shuang’ for luck.

Staying on the top of premonitions and luck, the Angel number 2222 (which is the exact combination played by all the lottery winners), is believed to be a message from angels to keep the faith.

The 2222 number aims to give you faith, especially when you are going through something that’s particularly tough and challenging. … This is when you need the guidance and assistance of your angels the most.

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