Self Picks And Quick Picks In Lottery

Lottery is all about luck. The numbers you choose decide your fate and eventually make your destiny. By playing the right numbers your ticket can become the winning ticket. Moreover it is the numbers that decides whether you will win the lottery all by yourself or you will be sharing the winning prize.

For a long time the world has been debating on whether to choose numbers by yourself or opt for computer generated numbers. There are two schools of thought. The first believes that numbers picked by analysing past results or winning numbers can help the players win big. They also believe that it is always better to play personal numbers or lucky numbers that can very well decide the destiny of a man. According to such people it is not advisable to depend on software or a non-living object to find out numbers that will decide your fate.

The first school of thought says that human beings are likely to come up with similar results when it comes to picking winning numbers. For instance 1-2-3-4-5-6 is a random set of six numbers. But there are so many people out there who will select the same combination. Therefore even if the self picks win, there are more chances that the winners will be sharing prizes.

The second school of thought believes that man gets confused when doing tasks that involves minimum logic. As lottery is a game of luck and every number has equal chances of being picked, human beings might get confused on what numbers to choose. They might also miss out on small details that can make a huge difference when the results are declared. Thus such people prefer computers to take decision on their behalf. They believe that computer applies logic while the random selection of numbers.

The second school of thought also believes that with the system generated random numbers the chances of winning prizes is huge. No matter the size of the prize, big or small, the winner might not have to share the prize with anyone else.

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