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Receive positive vibes at playlottoworld.comReceive positive vibes at the lottery has the power to change many player’s lives forever, so it’s important to stay positive.

There is a good reason to stay positive when you play the lottery, and it’s not just because of the upcoming windfall. Positivity keeps you in play… in the game.

If you can’t be bothered playing this weekend because you feel depressed about the economy, the weather, or the bills… you might miss the greatest windfall in front of you this week. So let’s take a look at the positive steps you should take into account:

1) Plant positive reminders around you. Use pictures, signs and notes on your fridge door, computer screen and in your wallet so you see them every day. Print out a photo of some big-time lottery winners and enjoy their happiness. It’s contagious!

#2) Read motivational books and stories. You will get inspired with even a simple paragraph showing how someone beat the odds.

#3) reducing junk food. Cut out sugars. It will improve your thinking. Studies have shown that students who were given healthy diets actually learned more and were happier. Food will change your mood.

#4) write an appreciation diary. Each night before you sleep, write down at least 2 to 3 positive events of the day you experienced. Everyone can find at least some good things about a single day. Even a smile from a friend counts. The warm feeling from your notes as you read it in the following days will inspire you to stay positive.

#5) stay active. That means as well as taking a 30 minute walk each day – or its equivalent, like washing the car or cleaning the house. Make sure your calendar is full with no white space. Spare time leads to boredom, which leads to uncertainty. Too much introspection will make you worry. Fill your days with productive work and energetic play.

#6) write down your goals and dreams. Do it in the present tense, as if the goal has been reached: “I am giving away $5,000 to my church this morning, and it feels great.

When you’re positive your life changes for the better, and this attitude helps keeps you playing with the expectation of a big win.

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