Professional lottery players

It is true that professional lottery players do exist! The way they work is by working out previous jackpot numbers, eliminating repetitive numbers and working out the odds of certain numbers popping up during the live draw.

A professional lottery player has a lot of money invested into their sport, each combination of numbers they work out could be the potential winnings number are purchased, this isn’t a standard lottery ticket purchase. A large number of tickets per week are purchased and sometimes these lottery players play lotto in many countries around the world.

If there is a group of professional lottery players they often join together, share their number combinations and join their money together to make the probability of winning higher. They often end up losing money but if one person in the group won some money on the lottery, even if it was 10,000 or 500,000.00 that person would have to share that money amongst the group.

Professional lottery players see playing the lotto as a job, it takes the same amount of hours per week as a normal job but doesn’t lead to a standard salary entering your account every month.

These type of people that play the lottery in this way are seen as gamblers, they have the same addiction as an obsessive lottery player but have taken their obsession to be that person to win millions to an extreme and they have invested most of their time and money into play lotto.

This type of “job” could be seen as more dangerous than being a race car driver or a fisherman on the open ocean. The type of person who would choose to do this wouldn’t be your educated individual, to take up a job which doesn’t provide you with a monthly income or a high possibility of winning money is just not an option to most people.

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