Priceless tips of winning the lottery

Priceless tips of winning the lottery

Priceless tips of winning the lottery.There are plenty of lottery schemes that will claim to better your chances at winning, such as number-generating software, that won’t work. The numbers picked for every lottery are completely random, and there is no sure way to predict which numbers will be drawn.  Richard Lustig has won the lottery a total of seven times in his life, and also wrote the book Learn How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery. Let’s go over seven of his best tips:

Now Which Games To Play

Different games have different chances of winning. For example,powerball and Euromillions have larger playing pools, which means that you’ll be going up against a lot more players. These lotteries also have bigger jackpots than smaller state lotteries. Some raffles offer great odds of winning, such as the loteria nacional  that gives players an amazing one in three chance of winning a prize. Get More Entries For No Extra Cost

You don’t necessarily need to buy more tickets to stand a better chance at winning a prize. By joining a lottery syndicate you are partnering up with a group of people all purchasing tickets for a particular draw. If anyone from the lottery syndicate wins, the prize is then split between the syndicate members.

Avoid using birthday as your lucky numbers

Spreading your numbers around is one of the most important aspects of choosing winning numbers. When picking birthdays you’re limiting yourself to numbers between 1 – 31 which are essentially only half the numbers available on big lottery draws.

If you pick a birthday as your lucky numbers you’ll also be sharing the jackpot with others that also select their birthdays. This usually means you could split the pot between 20 – 40 other people.

Double Check Your Numbers

It is estimated by national lottery services that millions of dollars go unclaimed each year by people who have missed a draw or thought their winning ticket was a losing one. The most recent and one of the largest unclaimed tickets was a $300,000 winning Powerball ticket.

Always remember to keep your lottery tickets in a safe location, and jot down your numbers in a diary that you can go back and check at any time. 

Picks Sets Of Numbers, Not Individuals

Always stick with certain sets of numbers rather than individual numbers. It’s unheard of that particular sets of winning numbers come up twice ,so every time your numbers do not come up your odds of winning increase at the next draw.

“Remember, a set of numbers wins the grand prize, not individual numbers,” Lustig says.



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