The simple truth is that the jackpot amount is one of the most important factors in determining whether people will play, and the decreasing the odds in this case won’t change that. the thought of winning millions jackpot amounts by buying cheap ticked can triggers and motivates people to play, because at the  end of the day most of the people play for the same reasons becoming rich, travel the world ,dress the most branded clothes make investment  and so on. All this revolves around wanting a comfortable life. Even though the chances of winning a lottery can be one in a millions that won’t stop people from playing .There are many reports or stories of jackpot winners that motivates players to stay positive, more willing to play because some day they might win, even if the price of the tickets rises you will still find people buying, because beside just wanting to win the game it’s fun, entertaining and its quiet part of a leisure activity some prefer to look for as a method of relaxation. Also because the game itself is attractive and very addictive especially if you have been playing for so long. Some people might have thought of give up playing, but there is this positivity that keeps them even more involved because if they quit now who guarantees them that the next opportunity given up was actually the winning they have been waiting for so long.

Be positive to win big!

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